School Uniform


Grey trousers, pale blue polo shirt and navy sweatshirt. Grey shorts may be worn in the summer.  Boys should wear black footwear, preferably black shoes.


Grey skirt/pinafore, pale blue polo shirt, navy sweatshirt and grey/navy tights or white socks.  Pale blue gingham dress may be worn in the summer.  Girls should wear black footwear, preferably black shoes.

PE kit  for Boys and Girls

Red round neck t-shirt, navy shorts and navy socks.  In colder weather or when outside pupils may wear plain navy woven jog bottoms.  

Older pupils who go swimming should wear (Boys) trunks, (Girls) swimming costume and bring a towel on days when swimming takes place.   

School logo sweatshirts, polo shirts with the school logo and red round neck t-shirts are available for purchase from the Selectkidz shop, Omagh.  The other listed requirements of school uniform and PE kit can be bought at Selectkidz or  elsewhere.


Children are discouraged from wearing jewellery to school because of the safety factor.  If children have their ears pierced then they should wear studs and not earrings.  If children do come to school with inappropriate jewellery then their teacher may require that they remove the items, or that they do not take part in activities where the teacher feels that the jewellery constitutes a safety hazard e.g. P.E. lessons.   The wearing of make-up is not permitted.