Life at Nursery

Our Pre-School begins at 9.15am. Children are greeted at the door by a staff member. Children will hang up their coats in the hallway and self-register on our board. Children engage in free play throughout the morning independently selecting resources form the room. Flexi snack is offered to the children from 10am to 10.45am each day. This consists of milk/water and selection of fruit and selection of breads. This promotes their independence as they learn to butter their own bread and pour using jugs. Children interact socially with others at the table. Children enjoy a vigorous playtime outdoors each day regardless of the weather. Our covered canopy area provides cover for those wet days.  Children join with adults for story and rhymes each day before leaving to go home. Parents are greeted by a staff member at pick up time and are always happy to answer any queries you may have.